CrystalVision smart control solutions.

Automation and control systems for industry, agriculture, and research


Fish breeding farms

Industrial factories & packing houses

Green energy sites

Dairy milk farms

 Marine agriculture research institutes

National R&D institutes

Water & sewage treatment


Computer vision &

image processing

metan monitoring
coca plantation
Irrigation control field
Fish feeder Robot
coral lab
underground lysimeter carrot
testing underground
fish feeder
computer vision date sorting
ניסוי מים מליחים
רובוט דגימה
שקילת תוצרת

About us

CrystalVision is an innovative, dynamic  company, specializing in control systems

and automation solutions for research, agriculture and industrial needs.


CrystalVision distinguishes itself with diverse abilities. We design, develop and install

user-friendly, automated solutions in a wide range of technologies and systems, 

custom-made software, control and automation solutions, electronic and electricial

installations and custom-made machinery to fulfill all the needs and demands of our customers.


CrystalVision adapts itself to the demands of its customers and provides solutions

to unique needs in the field of control and instrumentation, especially in:

agricultural and industrial processes, agricultural research and aquaculture.


Among the company’s verified abilities are: automation, system monitoring

and data logging, process alert systems, RFID systems, advanced HMI and image processing.



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