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"You create dreams. 
Develop systems one can only dream about. - You can't buy that in a shop."

Avi Eltanni, Prodution manager Red Sea Fish.

Ezra Rabins,
Head of Southern Arava agriculture R&D Institute.

"The staff at CrystalVision has academic and technical backgrounds along with practical experience in the areas of technology, agriculture, and creative thinking.  They supply unique solutions which provide an answer for research and development in the Southern Arava, experiments throughout the Arava and at the Yotvata R&D station."

Eran Gilat,

CEO, Ardom Telecom.

"CrystalVision provides a professional and experienced staff which exhibits great responsibility when preparing to carry out a project, without delays, in the best possible way.  CrystalVision delivers courteous, dependable and professional service.  They are caring and patient throughout the project itself and in the service, they provide in its aftermath."

Prof. Maoz Fain,

The IUI for marine sciences.

"CrystalVision is a reliable company providing excellent service and individual customer attention.  I am not familiar with another company which responds to each request any hour of the day or any day of the week patiently and with a genuine desire to help.  The staff of Crystal Vision is particularly creative, dedicated to any task and finding solutions to any issue."

Guy Markman,

CEO, The Eilot region Development Company.

"CrystalVision displays a wide knowledge in the field of clean energy in general and treating landfill gas in particular as well as expertise in controls systems which was a distinct advantage in advancing our project.  Using their knowledge and expertise, the project's completion marked a great success!"  

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