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Custom interfaces for control and monitoring

Crystal OPC is a visual interface designed to facilitate access to command and control systems allowing intuitive and straightforward work with the management system.


System properties
The interface was developed by Crystal Vision in 2006 to integrate between man and machine solving a need that has existed for many years of working with complex systems.


Among its many capabilities, the interface provides the following:

  • The viewing of various system features

  • Control over multiple parameters as requested by the customer or programmer

  • A structured setup process for various properties

  • Easy, accessible view of advanced graphic reports

  • Export of reports to Excel

  • Archival view of usage and operations

The interface supports ALLEN BRADLEY and UNITRONICS controllers allowing fast data connectivity and control over all parameters of the controller. It is possible to carry out any operation in the control system. Examples of use:

  • Through the system, each address can be displayed on the controller and checked at regular intervals. A fixed alarm can be set to a certain value and measurements can be converted to fit measured physical dimensions.

  • The address in the controller can be marked with a significant name (eg, the temperature in cell 7 in incubator 3), alongside the recording of the value in the history (at desired intervals).

  • It is possible to receive alerts at all levels including alerts to the customer via SMS or email and, of course, live, visual alerts in the field.

  • The interface can be remotely controlled by phone or computer.

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