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Roots Scanning Camera

RootCam is a tool designed for monitoring the roots of a plant through the subsoil. It is suitable for use by researchers, farmers, and gardeners who are interested in understanding the growth and development of the root systems of their plants. The data analysis can be done independently or with the help of our paid service.


RootCam uses a transparent tube with a diameter of 6 cm and a length of approximately 100 cm that is buried in the ground. A small camera mounted on a rail moves through the tube. By capturing high-resolution images of the roots over time, our clients gain insights into the health and vigor of their plants, as well as identify any potential problems or issues that may be affecting their growth. The RootCam system is a powerful tool that can help users optimize the care and management of their plants, leading to healthier, more productive plants.

Technical Details

The camera takes pictures every 20mm with a resolution of approximately 0.01 mm (2592 x 1944 at 2500 Dpi). These images are saved on a Raspberry Pi device, which is accessible via a modem or a network cable.  RootCam is powered by a 12 VDC converter (on 220 VAC mains). The Raspberry Pi device can be accessed to control RootCam, including setting the intervals between shots and manually operating the camera. There are also three buttons on the RootCam that allow the owner to stop the process or move the camera up or down.


To start using the RootCam, users can connect to the Raspberry Pi using VNC Viewer. The Pi will display comprehensive data about the RootCam status. The user will be able to send the images to a DropBox account or to transfer the images to a personal computer, users can use a tool like WinSCP to navigate to the image directory on the Pi and drag the images to a desired location.


RootCam can operate 3 colors of LED lightning including UV light and for your convinience creates a stiched graphic that is comprised of the photos taken from every step.

CrystalVision provides an automatic service for root analysis and measurement of length and diameter. Please check our offer.

Technical spec

  • Length: 1200 mm

  • Image length: 800-900 mm

  • Measuring tube: external diam: 60 mm, length: approx. 1000 mm

  • Processor: Raspberry Pi 4B

  • Camera: 2592 x 1944 pixels

  • LED light: white, uv, color to your need.

  • Power supply: 12 VDC

  • Interface: VNC or 3 buttons

  • Network through RJ45 cable or a cellular router

roots Image 0 1 05-02-2017 201220  0 8.jpg
roots Image 0 1 05-02-2017 195956  0 1.jpg
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roots scanning camera
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