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Roots Scanning Camera

Crystalvision RootCam©                                     


The root camera is in the prototype development stage!

This means it is not a fully developed product with a manual and an application, it is a work in progress.


The Root camera (Minirhizotron) is a device that monitors the roots of a plant from within the ground. To do so we use a transparent tube, 6 Cm in diameter and approximately 100cm long, that is buried in the ground. The RootCam is inserted into the tube.

On the rail of RootCam a small camera moves that takes a picture every 20 mm with a resolution of approximately 0.01 mm (2592X1944). These images are saved to a “Raspberry Pi” device which is accessible by a network cable.


RootCam is powered by a 12VDC converter (220VAC). The Pi is accessible over the network as a full server and allows for control of the RootCam. The user can control intervals between runs and can manually operate the camera. Users can see the last image taken. The result of the process is a series of images forming a column of the roots of the plant. The images display the date and time of the photograph, its individual number and the number of times the root was captured by the camera.


3 buttons on the RootCam enable owners to stop the process or go up or down. These buttons appear in the server and are used for the same function.


To start, please connect to the Raspberry Pi using VNC Viewer. The Pi will display two Icons, RootCam for starting the software and the other will open the directory where the images are saved. Double click the RootCam Icon to start RootCam operation. Double click RootCam Images icon to see the images in their directory.


Transfer images to your computer:

To access your images outside the Pi you will need to transfer the images into your computer. Go to this link and follow the installation and setup. Start WinSCP and navigate to /home/pi/projects/RootCam/Pix on the pi. Drag the images to a directory of your choosing.


Image Stitching:

Images are downloaded from the Raspberry Pi individually. To stitch them together we use CrystalVision© Stitcher

Images should be stitched manually in order to get a full column of images. Open Stitcher and select the directory of the images. Each directory contains a single column of images.

We can recommend Smart root as a starting point software for measuring roots.


Warranty: (void for this prototype)

As a prototype, we do not hold responsibility for the quality or craftsmanship of RootCam. We do however promise to help as much as we can in operating the device.



1 RootCam – 2100 US $

1 Tube – 75 US $

We have a very limited stock so please check for availability.

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