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fish feeder
fish feeder

Automatic fish feeder

Feeding fish is a complex and important process that takes place on a daily basis where accuracy is a fundamental criterion. As part of the process, it is necessary to adjust the quantities and types of food to the different pools according to the fish species, their age, weight, and the number of fish in the pond. All of these change from time to time and in order to create optimal growth conditions for the fish, makes it necessary to divide the daily amount of food into portions at intervals throughout the day.

The Solution

The Crystal Vision robot system replaces the manual feeding, allowing the grower to define the frequency, size, and food type of each fish, unlike manual food distribution, the robot is able to deliver precise amounts according to the plan of each enclosure and at designated intervals.

The precise feeding performed by the system helps to maintain the cleanliness of the body of water and the health of the fish as well as cultivating an optimal growth curve. In addition, the system provides automatic recording of quantities of food issued, where the grower is given a tool for monitoring and repair performance, to achieve savings in food and manpower.


In addition to dry food, the system is also used for other activities such as dispersion of Artemia or as a dosage system for additives and medications. It can also be adapted for research or breeding of edible fish.

Mode of operation

The route of the robot is determined by a circular track using a unique and low-cost method developed by Crystal Vision. The smart food feeder developed by the company's experts enables food to be distributed in quantities under 0.5 grams and distributed within a range of 20 cm.


Identification of growth tanks is done using RFID which ensures monitoring the distribution of food in the desired tank. The robot itself is equipped with wireless communication and can be controlled remotely in its motion, changing the food plan and more.

About the development


There are several  Robots which were activated a few years ago at “Colors Farm” in Hatzeva and at the "Sea-Gal farm" in Idan settlement (both located in the southern district of Israel). Companies report a reduction in workload, increased fertility and an improvement in the growth graph - important tools that help maximize profitability. 

fish feeder robot
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