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Ground level/Underground/

Lysimeter is a unique research tool that allows monitoring of the daily water consumption of a plant, obtaining accurate information about the optimal interactions between plants, water, soil and the atmosphere.

It’s a closed system, consisting of a container filled with soil, the plant/tree being examined and various measuring devices located around it. The container is mounted on a scale and is connected by means of a pipe to computer-controlled irrigation and fertigation systems.

Mode of operation

The system simulates the irrigation and drainage of a plant grown in an orchard or field in a manner that enables full monitoring of its water balance. The monitoring includes information on the water and fertilizer supply as well as information on the water drainage beneath the roots. In this way, the daily water consumption of the plant can be monitored at all times of the day while controlling the levels of fertilization, the level of water salinity, and more. Real-time data can be viewed around the clock and can be updated remotely.


The research is carried out exactly under the same conditions as those of the plant in the field so that the information obtained is verified and relevant to the field itself.

There is a wide variety of types of lysimeters, which are produced for dedicated studies according to specifications and technical requirements.

Lysimeters can be installed: at ground level, underground and in motion on a carousel.

They examine dozens of parameters of different consumption monitoring water in the earth and more. The data is collected and analyzed using complex algorithms which are suited to entire fields. These algorithms, when applied, have resulted in savings of up to 20 percent over normal irrigation and drip irrigation.


The system can be adjusted and changed. For example, it is possible to build a system that includes or does not include various components such as weighing and measuring of drainage water and combines irrigation and fertilization systems with precision levels on demand (with or without EC measurement). Along with these, many other parameters can be measured.

Lysimeter Carousel

Lysimeter in Motion (also known as Lysimeter Carousel) is a unique research system that enables the measurement of growth data using fertilizer and water. The system consists of 24 different containers installed on a circular track, weighing and rotating continuously.

This is an advanced development of the Lysimeter system which enables accurate measurement by collecting data from several plants at the same time while neutralizing the environmental conditions (shade, temperature, and humidity).


This tool is intended for a wide range of studies and uses, such as:

• Creation of diverse technologies in irrigation and agriculture

• Development of irrigation systems (e.g., according to plant requirements)

• Examination of the efficiency of various fertilizers and the construction of the fertilization          protocol

• Measuring the effects of soil temperature and examining soil variability

• Monitoring the development of roots under different conditions

• Examination of water conservation as well as an examination of the use of brackish or radioactive water

• Matching the crop suitable to the salinity of the water

• Adapting plants to various weather and soil conditions throughout the country

In the pictures you can see several experiments. In one of the experiments the roots of the plants were split into two lysimeters to test the plant's response to different conditions. After the lysimeter had completed its function, the roots themselves were tested: the development of the roots was examined in accordance with the irrigation performed.

Our lysimeter systems are used by researches in several agriculture areas,  for more information please find these articles bellow:

Munitz, Schwartz, Netzer - 2016 - Evaluation of Seasonal Water Use and Crop Coefficients for Cabernet Sauvignon Grapevines As the Bas

Munitz, Netzer, Shtein, Schwartz -2016-Water availability dynamics have long-term effects on mature stem structure in Vitis vinifera

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