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תצלום אוירי סמר


Who we are

CrystalVision is a dynamic and innovative  AGRO-TECH company, specializing in manufacturing and control systems and automation. The company was established in order to help researchers from different fields bridge the gap between a research idea and its’ on the ground implementation. This by developing creative and smart solutions that enable advanced collection and analysis of data.  


Hence, the company specializes in the development of unique tools and devices, providing a measurement of various parameters for farmers in agriculture, as well as for other industries, as part of a wide range of projects being performed in Israel and throughout the world.


The Company's Vision

We work for our customers, adapt to their requirements and develop products based on requests that come directly from the field. Today, there are a variety of smart and unique solutions for agriculture and industry that has been developed by the company over the years.

One of the company's outstanding characteristics is its ability to integrate various aspects of any project: electrical systems, control, and infrastructure planning and development. This ability stems from the employment of a team of experts from a wide spectrum of fields working in collaboration and integration.


Areas of Activity

Our company designs develop and operate control and automation solutions, electronic and electrical installations and custom machinery, designed to meet unique control and instrumentation needs, particularly in the fields of agricultural and industrial processes, agricultural research and marine agriculture.

The Company's various developments dominate a variety of areas:

  • Agriculture - water, soil, fertilization, etc.

  • Industry (weighing systems, gas monitoring dosing, etc.)

  • Research

  • Monitoring systems

  • Data logging

  • Systems and process alert

  • RFID systems

  • Advanced HMI and image processing


All products emphasize user-friendliness, efficiency, and functionality. They are adapted to a wide range of different technologies and systems and are provided with custom software.


About the Team

Our company consists of a wide spectrum of brilliant and multidisciplinary minds that unify the needs of the farmer with a high-tech expert who defines them. Among our ranks, you will find professionals and experts from many fields - from developers, technicians, electricians to researchers in the fields of agriculture and technological industry.

An important part of our expertise is manifest in our fast, reliable and professional service.


The company was established as an agricultural cooperative association in 2011 by Kibbutz Samar, founded in 1976 on the basis of a cooperative lifestyle, which has been preserved to this day. The establishment of the company was based on 20 years of previous experience in control systems, accumulated prior to its official establishment.

Ofer Ben-Tovim


Nir Menahem


Meir Ben-Atar


Raanan Shema

Projects Manager

Yossi Weiss

Software engineer

Noa Seban

Office & Clients Manager

Yossi Avnat

Projects Manager

Muki Telman


Reut Crystal

Electrical Engineer & Image Processing

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