Feeder Robot



Smart feeding.

Better breeding.

We know breeding can be an intensive & complex process and how much time & effort you spend every day taking care of you fish. 


The                                 was made in order to create optimal growth conditions for your fish.

The Crystal Vision robots system replaces the manual feeding, allowing the breeder to define the frequency, size, and food type of each fish pool. 

Unlike manual food distribution, the robot is able to deliver precise amounts according to the plan of each enclosure and at designated intervals.

The precise feeding performed by the system helps to maintain the cleanliness of the body of water and the health of the fish as well as cultivating an optimal growth curve. In addition, the system provides automatic recording of quantities of food issued, where the breeder is given a tool for monitoring and repair performance, to achieve savings in food and manpower.


Kibbutz Samar, D.N Eilot, 8881500, ISRAEL.

Feeder Robot

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